Tree Service

Tree Service

Are you in need of tree service in Shreveport-Bossier or surrounding areas? Our team of tree service experts will be able to help you! From tree removal to disaster response services, our team will be able to handle any tree issue in a professional and efficient manner.
Damage can be caused by many things, including, but not limited to, weather, insects and even issues with trenching or other soil disruptions. When any of these occur, removal may be your only option.
Arbor also does trimming, stump removal and a variety of other services. Contact us for any questions !

Some of our tree services include:

Firewood for Sale

We sell firewood all year long to the local residents of Lakeview, Shreveport, & Bossier City, LA. Keep us in mind this winter when you want to get your fireplace up and running and keep stocked up on firewood at a reasonable price.

Tree Removal

Our Shreveport tree specialists can remove trees of all sizes. Whether you need to remove a dead tree or a tree that is causing problems for your home, we have you covered. Our specialists remove the tree, stump and all debris.

Professional Pruning and Trimming

Experience the full beauty of your trees by keeping them properly trimmed and pruned. Our Shreveport tree service specialists consult with you to discuss the best trimming options and practices. We prune trees of all sizes in order to promote future growth.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be unattractive and take up much needed space. Stump grinding is highly recommended over traditional stump removal practices. We grind the stump down beneath the surface to allow new grass to grow over it.

Emergency Tree Services

Our Shreveport team provides 24-hour emergency tree removal services to ensure you have the proper professional care at all times, day or night.